Sewing Workshop – Manna Creative Fashions


The idea for a Sewing Workshop was born out a number of requests from women’s groups within the community to assist with the supply of overalls, work suits and uniforms to the company.

There are 3,000 employees between Green Fuel and Ratings Investments, all of whom require some form of work suit, overall or uniform.  Our rationalization was therefore to plough the money that would have been spent procuring these from outside sources straight back into the community through the sewing workshop.   The benefits of the project are therefore two-fold in that overalls, work suits and uniforms will be made locally, prioritizing community development in the area and ensuring that there is a consistent market and supply. In addition, with the community eventually running the workshop themselves, the project will significantly facilitate sustainable development in the area.

Manna Creative Fashions was officially opened on the 1st of September 2014 by the Minister of Small to Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development, Honourable Mrs S Nyoni, as has been running successfully ever since. So far this year, the members of the workshop have produced over 4,000 worksuits, netball uniforms and curtains, and have also started paying off some of their machines and maintenance costs.