Our Vision

Our vision is to be Africa’s leading supplier of a dependable source of high quality, competitively priced, renewable energy. Zimbabwe now has the same opportunity as Brazil to develop a dynamic biofuel industry – to serve not only its own fuel needs, but the region’s as well.

At Green Fuel, we invest in research and development of the latest technologies to ensure sustainable practices are used in the cultivation of sugar cane and production of ethanol.

We offer environmentally friendly and sustainable renewable energy products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Green Fuel will not only increase energy security but will also lessen dependence on foreign, imported oil and fossil fuels.

Project Background

Zimbabwe has a long history of viable sugar cane production in the Lowveld, and ethanol from sugar cane has been used as a fuel extender (blend) for over 40 years.

Annual world ethanol production for transport fuel has doubled between 2007 and 2015 – from 13,096 million litres to 25,682 million litres – as countries recognise the need to find a substitute to diminishing oil reserves Read more here. Ethanol is widely used in many countries and particularly in Brazil and the United States. Brazil’s extensive use of ethanol made from sugarcane is seen as the most ambitious and successful initiative developed to date for producing renewable liquid fuel.

In 2008 the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) sought out investment partners to rehabilitate their properties in and around Zimbabwe. Two of these properties were the Chisumbanje and Middle Sabi Estates, situated in the South Eastern part of Zimbabwe. As a result, two agricultural companies, Macdom (Pvt) Limited and Rating Investments (Pvt) Limited, entered into Build Operate and Transfer Agreements with ARDA in order to rehabilitate and develop the land on the two Estates.

Within an 18 month period and with significant investment into the infrastructure, pump houses, roads and buildings, both Estates were transformed into successful sugarcane estates. Read more here

Thereafter, Green Fuel (pvt) Ltd was established and determined that the best use of the sugarcane was to provide Zimbabwe with a locally produced alternative fuel source, ethanol. After many months of investigations and due-diligence, Green Fuel secured the financing it required to establish an ethanol plant.

The plant was completed in 18 months and was commissioned in October of 2011. The design and a number of aspects of the plant were imported from Brazil, however over 60% of the plant was manufactured by local engineers in Zimbabwe, under the supervision of experts from Brazil. In doing so there was a large amount of employment creation and skills transfer to the local workforce. Read more here

Green Fuel entered into off-take agreements with Ratings and Macdom to purchase their sugarcane and started doing so in 2011, when the first ethanol was manufactured by the factory.