“Apart from the motivation that is in making money from selling honey, bee keeping requires passion and patience. We harvest our honey twice a year. In between harvest time is when a lot of patience is required and one needs to be creative with their time. This is the time we invest in catching more bees to grow more hives, breeding more breeding queen bees and exploring all other options that will increase our next harvest. All of this we learnt from the training that GreenFuel organized for us and we are forever grateful.” – Esinath Chipimo “Mbuya vaBailey”

The Blessed Honey Makers commenced operations in 2018 after extensive training from Green Fuel’s resident bee-keeper. A number of bee boxes have been set up around the Estate and within the community and an apiary has been developed for the team.  The Company continues to assist with equipment, training and support and, as a result, the team is now harvesting organic honey on a regular and sustainable basis, expecting to harvest of over 150L of pure organic honey per season.

Once harvested, the honey is sold to Company staff and the neighbouring community, with all proceeds going back into the project and to the project  beneficiaries. The longterm plan is to expand the Blessed Honey Makers’ reach further and eventually supply a wider market.