“Lack of water is the greatest challenge that this community faces. Humans and livestock perish due to lack of food resulting from poor harvests. However, since the intervention by Green Fuel to erect boreholes, this problem has eased greatly and we are forever grateful” – Maonyerwa, a local farmer from Chisumbanje.

Access to water is a big challenge in the community. with people (primarily women) queueing for hours for water, often late into the night. In response to this urgent need, Green Fuel has drilled boreholes in Matikwa, Munepasi, Chinyamukwakwa and Chief Garahwa’s homestead and a further three existing boreholes have been rehabilitated in the surrounding areas.  Whenever a borehole is drilled or rehabilitated the Company also ensures that community leaders are trained on maintenance and upkeep of the sites, as well as providing continuous support and maintenance when required.

Wherever possible, the Company has installed solar pumps to ensure that water can be easily pumped throughout the day and has also  designed and engineered an apron that drains directly into a cattle trough to ensure that there is minimal wastage of water. This has been trialled on three of the boreholes and will soon be implemented on others as and when funding permits.”