Green Fuel provides significant support to the local clinics and hospitals in the area. St Peters Hospital, which is the only hospital in the district received a facelift from the Company and a drip-irrigated garden was set up with to assist with its food requirements and fundraising activities. The Company continuously donates fuel for their generator, to carry out work in the theatre as well as for the ambulance to ferry critical patients to the District Hospital.

The Company also runs well-resourced  Clinics in Chisumbanje  (Takwirira Clinic) and Middle Sabi  (Ratings Clinic) which work in conjunction with the local government clinics within the constituencies. The clinics ensure the well-being of both staff and local communities and often assists other clinics in surrounding communities with medicines and supplies. The clinics also have a facilities to assist expecting mothers throughout their pregnancies up until delivery.



St Peters Project Green Fuel