Manna Creative Fashions (MCF) is one of Green Fuel’s most successful community projects thus far. Comprising of a total of seven tailors, MCF has grown tremendously since its establishment in July 2014.

To springboard the project, Green Fuel set up a fully equipped sewing factory and brought an expert in to train the participants in sewing and production, as well as Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) training on how to develop and grow a small business.The Company continues support the workshop by sourcing material and supplies, as well as developing their accounting practices and business ethos.

MCF’s biggest contract is with Green Fuel to sew up to 5 000 work suits for employees every year. This has boosted the sewing group’s business, skill and reputation and they also now receive uniform orders from the local schools and sports teams in the area. Eight years on, MCF is growing, evidenced by the increase in customers and new contracts and most importantly the transformation in the lives of beneficiaries of the project.

In the longterm, the main objective is for MCF to become independent and self-sustainable enough to acquire sewing contracts and identify opportunities on their own.

“Our lives have changed a lot. Before MCF, we were at home, unemployed, now we are employed earning a decent living. I have managed to build a house and I can now send my children to school and support my parents and siblings all at the same time.” – Prescah Ndindana, MCF Supervisor