Green Fuel uses a holistic and sustainable farming approach

In order to ensure that our techniques remain cutting-edge, we have researched best practice sugar cane agricultural technologies from around the world. 

We have developed a fully mechanised approach – from land preparation to planting, through to harvesting and fertiliser and herbicide application. We utilise:

  • Opti-surface and 3D GPS levelling for fields and canals, etc.
  • Auto-steer for maximum land utilisation.
  • Variable Rate Application and Precision Placement of Fertilizers and Chemicals, accurate to 2.5cm year on year.
  • Field Soil Mapping maximising yield potential and uniformity.
  • RTK Autosteer for max land utilisation
  • Minimum tillage practices.

To ensure the ‘green’ cycle of ethanol from sugar cane, sustainable agricultural practices are in place in line with EU Guidelines published in June 2010 on the practical implementation of biofuels and bioliquids sustainability scheme, including:

  • Mechanised harvesting with green cane – no burning
  • Zero tillage and precision farming techniques used.
  • No change to land use.
  • By-products are re-used and waste is converted into biogas and fertiliser (vinasse).