Green Fuel’s estates are located in  Chipinge, Zimbabwe.

The Chisumbanje Estate – 40,000 hectares

There are currently 9,000 hectares of sugarcane planted within the Chisumbanje Estate. The area is flat with very gentle basalt plain slopes offering a natural network of drainage lines, forming the largest single tract of relatively deep basalt-derived soils in Zimbabwe, extending over 40,000 hectares. The majority of these soils consist of dark grey and black self-churning clays, characterized by loose granular surface horizons of varying thickness.

The Middle Sabi Estate – 10,000 hectares

The Middle Sabi Estate is located 80km from Chisumbanje and there are currently 3,500 hectares of sugarcane planted there. The soils on this estate consist of alluvial silt and sand deposits with coarse gravel or sand subsoils making for good drainage and their ideal suitability to pivot irrigation. Soil chemistry shows average to good natural levels of all three iron nutrients – phosphate, potash, and nitrogen.

Middle Sabi Estate Green Fuel
Middle Sabi Estate Green Fuel