Meet Billy 

Born in what was then Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1959, Billy Rautenbach is a passionate and driven entrepreneur with extensive experience in the transport, mining and now agricultural and biofuel industries.


His dedicated and often non-conformist approach to his business ventures has guaranteed their consistent growth and ultimate success and his commitment to sustainable, local development has resulted in the creation of thousands of local jobs as well as millions of dollars being ploughed back into the communities surrounding his various projects.


Billy branched out into the biofuel industry in 2009, creating Green Fuel (Pvt) Ltd, a joint venture with the Zimbabwean Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA). The ethanol-producing company has continued to go from strength to strength, employing over 3000 Zimbabweans and injecting millions of dollars into local development and agricultural and entrepreneurial projects for the local community.